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THOUGHTEXCHANGE: 'Star' Phase - April 6-18

Public engagement is important in assisting Lambton Kent District School Board’s Senior Administration in making decisions about the future directions of the LKDSB. As part of the pupil accommodation process, the LKDSB is asking for public input on its proposed future phases through an online engagement process called Thoughtexchange.
We appreciate the input provided by everyone during the initial “Share” phase. On April 6-18, the LKDSB is launching the “Star” phase of the Thoughtexchange to solicit input on the proposed plan for the Blenheim, Ridgetown, Tilbury, and South Chatham Area phase of  pupil accommodation. During the “Star” phase, participants are invited to prioritize thoughts/responses to the initial survey questions. Of the total number of thoughts submitted, each individual receives a randomized selection of the community thoughts to star.
Please note that this is not the start of a pupil accommodation review for the area. An Initial Staff Report has not been presented to Trustees. Those who did not participate in the initial “Share” phase can still sign up to join the conversation. More information about the Thoughtexchange process is available at: http://www.lkdsb.net/Board/Community/ThoughtExchange/Pages/default.aspx. Those who submitted a paper copy will receive information by mail.
Please note: A reliable Internet connection is needed to participate in the Thoughtexchange. If you receive an error message indicating that your participation may not be saved, you may be experiencing low or intermittent Internet connectivity. If that happens, switch to a better/different Internet connection and try again, or try again later.
If you are having trouble accessing the Thoughtexchange, please contact Thoughtexchange for support at 1-800-361-9027 ext. 2 or email support@thoughtexchange.com.
Bill Vermeersch
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